Tips on Building Self Esteem in Kids You Might Never Come Across

It is stunning to come across a child with high self esteem; furthermore, in many people’s opinions, we do our level  best in building self esteem in the children we come across (even if it is minimal). When asked what we would like to see the child we interact with become; many are the times we envisage in our minds how successful we would want to see the child to be, and we wish we could do something that will be of outstanding benefit to the child. The most appropriate thing would be to help in building self esteem of the child so that the child can go for whatever is required to reach the goal, as desired. Why is the self esteem necessary?

It is important to build the self esteem of that child because it is one of the greatest ways of development in a child. Children with high self esteem:

  1. Are capable, quite competent and are in a position to produce the required results with the right aptitude. If you are to consider the instances you have interacted with a child, encouraging him/her in doing something likeable produces tremendous results. The child easily takes up on challenges and we are glad to see the smiling faces of achievement everyone has. After the first achievement, building self esteem of the child increases the chances and instances of achievements.
  2. Possess authentic personal power and have the ability to influence others. When I was in high school, the teachers chose our school student leaders. I was lucky to be one for 3 years; and I noticed that these students had a common characteristic: they were excellent in either academics, sports or other co-curricular activities. This was because we looked upon the crème de la crème we had around us and they influenced our thinking and action. They therefore influenced other students and made very good leaders. Their influencing power is attributed to the previous years of building self esteem in what they did.
  3. Feel important, welcomed and appreciated by others. We all would want to be associated with achievement and success is quite appreciated by others. A child will most likely be in a position to achieve something after building self esteem. This will then bring along other feelings of being important, welcomed and appreciated by others.

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What are the symptoms of low self esteem in children?Before choosing on building self esteem of a child, it is equally imperative to be able to identify a child with low self esteem.

Just like any other social condition, it has symptoms which accurately point towards it. The symptoms include:

  1. Being insecure – the child has creepy feelings of discomfort and does not want to be in the company of other children. There are instances of witnessing withdrawal in the child.
  2. Procrastination – I used to bush over this symptom until I noticed that my nephew did this because he was afraid he would fail in his tasks. He could not do most things well and he avoided attempting doing things until he was doomed to fail in most of his tasks. If you do not attempt you will never improve; and the same applies to a child. When building self esteem in a child, do not fail to take note of this.
  3. Frustration – Maybe you and I are living examples on this; if you do not get results in what you are doing, you would get frustrated, and this applies to kids as well. When a kid does something again and again, only to fail, the child will be frustrated. If this is not worked upon, the self esteem will have no chances of improving.
  4. Worrying – you would wonder why a child would worry.  But you would agree that a child would get worried about something. This something could be him/her.  The negativity a child experiences has a direct effect on the self esteem.
  5. Anger – it is normal to be angry but the frequencies of anger matter. A child with frequent instances of anger might be experiencing low self esteem. This is because the anger could be caused by frustration, insecurity or other reasons that would touch on how they feel. This is, thus, is a great thing to note before building self esteem of a child.

There are other comprehensive symptoms and how to solve them and you can find them in “Self Esteem Elevation in Children”.


Building self esteem is imperative and it should not start late in life when one is grown up. Most people do not achieve their dreams in life because not much was done in building their self esteem when we were young. I do not regret my life because I have put quite some effort in developing myself, and I am almost there. However, I have realized its importance and feel it is much more rewarding when it starts from a tender age.